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What We Do

Core Values

Experience and Passion With 25 years of experience in the food trading industry, Goody has a strong passion for sourcing lower priced, better quality products with innovative strategies on bringing new concepts to life.
Wide product offering Goody has over 1000+ frozen, fresh and dry products available with new products added on a regular basis. In addition, our prices are respectively lower than other major caterers with lower overhead costs from not having to maintain a physical retail store and other costs associated with packaging and procurement.
Trusted suppliers With regards to our suppliers, Goody only collaborates with trustworthy overseas exporters, local importers and local distributers. We are very strict when it comes to quality control to ensure the highest standard for quality and service is maintained all our products.
Low Price Advantage With strong supply chain network, we are able to get both local and imported produce at very competitive price. Our mission and vision is to provide a zero service charge cost to customers with no GST, service charges, fancy packaging or extra resources used to maintain a physical retail store. This allows us to make our prices respectively lower than restaurants in the market. Our Procurement team also aims to keep maintaining the lower cost by finding good low cost product sources while ensuring products are safe to consume.
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